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  • Orion
    Jan 13, 2005
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      A) Feats cost 2EP each. I think Scott clarified that through the forum
      at some point. For the record: Feats are 2EP, Skills are 1EP/4 Skill
      points, levels are 8EP each. When I run a one-shot game, for example,
      I'll say to my players "You have 24EP to build a character."

      B) The standard version of the system assumes that your character starts
      his/her career with all the powers he/she will ever need (just like a
      comicbook superhero). Within a D20 system, which is predicated on the
      idea that you get more abilities as you got, this can seem
      counter-intuitive, but it's a way to match up with the superhero genre.
      A GM can always decide that he wants to give out a few EPs/level, but
      it's not part of the system, and unless it's an extremely low number of
      EPs the game could get overpowered very, very quickly.

      C) Any and all characters can have as many EPs as they want; this called
      the Experience Tithe. You take however many EPs you want, and then you
      have to devote half of your experience points towards paying off the
      debt. There's an Experience Tithe table you have to consult to see how
      much XP you owe the system (I don't recall the page number; you can look
      it up). The idea is that if you take a low-powered character, that
      character will progress in levesl WAY faster than a high-powered
      character. NOtice, also, that the XP debt on the Tithe table is not a
      flat line; it's a curve. 10EP doesn't cost you ten times as many XP as
      1EP; it's far, FAR more, in fact. This is how the system maintains a
      power balance AND gives players the ability to have a character like the
      Blue Beetle standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Green Lantern/Guy Gardner.


      cjtaylor01 wrote:
      > Hi everyone, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise in
      > advance for asking something that may have been answerd in previous
      > threads (although I havn't been able to find anything on these
      > questions.)
      > a) In the feats section it says that additional feats can be
      > purchased with ep's but it doesn't say how many ep's a feat costs.
      > I'm assuming they cost 1 ep each is that right?
      > b) are there any ways of gaining ep's after you initially put
      > together your character without taking a tithe (like swapping out a
      > feats for ep(s) or a class where you gain ep(s) at various levels)
      > c) under the heading for mutants it says they get 4 compensated ep's
      > but the Cyclops example it says Cyclops has 18, where did the other
      > 12 come from?
      > Thanks.
      > Chris.
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