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2918Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] So basically the gameline is dead and the creator is awol?

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  • Palmer of the Turks
    Sep 9, 2004
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      On 9 Sep 2004, at 18:55, tivaaky1 wrote:

      > Kindof sad. At least I got all the pdfs I paid for.
      > But there are not going to be anymore, ever right?

      Some of us HAVE been in touch with him... he says he hasn't given up on DNW, but
      it's on indefinite hiatus while he works on his novel (he has an editor at a major
      publishing house saying "I seriously want to see this book" and giving him deadlines)

      But DNW is dead for the forseeable future.

      > Time to move on I guess.

      I'm moving on. Taking DNW guts and (bless the OGL) reworking it all myself (with help
      from my Legion of Minions) into a new game.


      The above email was brought to you by Shinra Online
      Click it... you know you want to.
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