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2548Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] CDs Revisited

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  • Orion
    Apr 11, 2004
      i was starting to think about this recently, myself. i don't want to rag on
      the guy, but honestly, how much effort does it take to go to someone's
      house who has a CD burner, burn a bunch of sets of CDs which are identical
      to each other, and then toss them in the post? i appreciate that the guy
      made a really fun game, but i'm baffled by the lack of organisational
      skills, here.

      At 11:49 PM 08/04/2004 +0000, you wrote:
      >Not to beat a dead horse but I have no other alternative. I paid my
      >money back in January and received no product and have not received a
      >single response to any email sent to Scott or his girlfriend. It is
      >unfortunate that Scott has not been able to access a cd burner but it
      >has been a month since we got the last promise that the cd would be
      >provided. Does anyone know what is happening? Should I chock up my
      >$20 as donation to Cryptosnark Games? It's really too bad, I think
      >DNW is a great game and was looking forward to the materials.
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