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2485Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] Energy Attack

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  • Orion
    Mar 2, 2004
      in addition to what palmer said (lucid as always, palmer) i think that the
      idea of the system is that that if there's a power that's not doing
      something you want it to do, just create an add-on to the power.

      what kind of bonus damage are you looking for? can you create a sub-power
      that duplicates it? if you want extra bang, you gotta provide more buck.


      At 03:28 PM 02/03/2004 -0800, you wrote:
      >On 2 Mar 2004, at 21:35, wikidogre wrote:
      > > Call it!
      > >
      > > if someone wants to use a energy attack touch/pure energy; Radiation/
      > > would you get to use the radiation rule presented in the bible for
      > > exposure?
      > >
      > > i need a call on this one.
      >My call - no
      >I would rule that the radiation exposure rules are for continuous exposure
      >to hard
      >radiation, and an e-attack is anything but.
      >I would say "Pure Energy/Radiation" as an energy type is perfectly
      >appropriate - it
      >deals it's damage through a brief but intense blast of radiation, it gets
      >the standard +1
      >damage bonus for being Pure Energy... and that's it.
      >Besides, the description for Pure Energy at the start of the Powers
      >chapter says it can
      >be used for Ionizing Radiation explicitly... so stick with the rules for
      >it as presented.
      >Allowing the character to get extra, potentially nasty bonuses through a
      >simple energy-
      >type choice like that throws balance out.
      >Besides, the chart calls for Time Increments that are much longer than a
      >attack... even with Deadly radiation, you still only have to roll once per
      >round. Heavy is
      >once per minute.
      >Plus, you may want to point out that protective clothing would stop his
      >attack cold.
      >Villains who know about him would start adding thin lead linings to their
      >armor or
      >Don't bend rules that don't need fixing.
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