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2484Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] Energy Attack

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  • Palmer of the Turks
    Mar 2, 2004
      On 2 Mar 2004, at 21:35, wikidogre wrote:

      > Call it!
      > if someone wants to use a energy attack touch/pure energy; Radiation/
      > would you get to use the radiation rule presented in the bible for
      > exposure?
      > i need a call on this one.

      My call - no
      I would rule that the radiation exposure rules are for continuous exposure to hard
      radiation, and an e-attack is anything but.
      I would say "Pure Energy/Radiation" as an energy type is perfectly appropriate - it
      deals it's damage through a brief but intense blast of radiation, it gets the standard +1
      damage bonus for being Pure Energy... and that's it.
      Besides, the description for Pure Energy at the start of the Powers chapter says it can
      be used for Ionizing Radiation explicitly... so stick with the rules for it as presented.

      Allowing the character to get extra, potentially nasty bonuses through a simple energy-
      type choice like that throws balance out.
      Besides, the chart calls for Time Increments that are much longer than a single
      attack... even with Deadly radiation, you still only have to roll once per round. Heavy is
      once per minute.

      Plus, you may want to point out that protective clothing would stop his attack cold.
      Villains who know about him would start adding thin lead linings to their armor or

      Don't bend rules that don't need fixing.

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