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2411Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] Re: Damage/Defense balance question

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  • Palmer of the Turks
    Feb 1, 2004
      On 2 Feb 2004, at 4:48, marsalpha wrote:

      > >>>Palmer of the Turks: Still... taking 37 damage (half of one Lv 16
      > Bulkington punch) in a hit is nothing to sneeze at - and those Hero
      > points can be damn hard to come by.<<<
      > I agree...then again I am a bit more generous with giving them out
      > sometimes...then again most of my players forget that they have them.

      Still, they can run out fast against someone like B.

      > Question for anyone...the complication Nemesis/Villain. Where would
      > you rate the following people for a first level character. The PC is
      > TR 3 or 4 sword weilding, combat monster type. The PC is a villian
      > turned quasi-hero. Think like "the Bride" from "Kill Bill". No
      > longer doing crime for pay...but is out for revenge on the following
      > people.

      Well, I've never seen the movie, know nothing about it really...

      > Baron Azathoth (The PC's "Bill" character)

      I can't see The Baron being worth less than 8 EP, if only because of the incredible
      power at his disposal - wealth, resources, flying interdimensional castle of doom,
      Endless Legions Of Identical Goons™, heavy weapons, gadget collection, zoo full of
      Betelgeusian Bandersnatch, etc, infinitum, ad nauseum.
      His personal 1-on-1 TR is mostly irrelevant IMO. If you can actually get TO him, he'll
      be a pushover no matter what level he is.

      Note that I only say 8 EP because that's how high the book goes.
      He's worth 10 or 12 EP in any game I run - or 24 EP total to be divided between 3+
      characters if they want to all take him as sort of a group Nemesis.

      > Malice (2nd in command and often leader on missions
      > while the Baron is at the Fortress)

      4 or 6 would fit the bill, IMO.
      Standard description for 4 EP is "directly comparable in power, takes frequent interest
      in bothering the character"
      6 EP is "more powerful and able, with significant resources"

      If you're just using her as is out of the book, at a comparable TR to the PC, then it's a
      If you factor in the resources she has to work with, thanks to the Baron, and suitably
      and logically upgrade her from stock with that in mind, she's a 6.

      > Bulkington (working for the Baron)

      Since the PC is a close-combat character, Bulkington is VERY dangerous to her.
      I'd call him a flat 6, when at equivalent TR ratings, or even one step down.

      > Hellshade (for a lack of a better person
      > that is also working for the Baron)

      I don't have LTSD - at least not until my CD arrives *cries*
      Unless The Scott sees fit to shoot a copy my way to tide me over till my CD does
      actually show up.

      > Also instead of Hellshade who would be a
      > better person. Any suggestions?

      *looks through BCBH roster*

      Evil mystics like Acheron would fit the bill for the Baron's flunkies. Or would Morgan
      Sharpe be more in line?


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