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2410Re: Damage/Defense balance question

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  • marsalpha
    Feb 1, 2004
      >>>Palmer of the Turks: Still... taking 37 damage (half of one Lv 16
      Bulkington punch) in a hit is nothing to sneeze at - and those Hero
      points can be damn hard to come by.<<<

      I agree...then again I am a bit more generous with giving them out
      sometimes...then again most of my players forget that they have them.

      Question for anyone...the complication Nemesis/Villain. Where would
      you rate the following people for a first level character. The PC is
      TR 3 or 4 sword weilding, combat monster type. The PC is a villian
      turned quasi-hero. Think like "the Bride" from "Kill Bill". No
      longer doing crime for pay...but is out for revenge on the following

      Baron Azathoth (The PC's "Bill" character)
      Malice (2nd in command and often leader on missions while the Baron
      is at the Fortress)
      Bulkington (working for the Baron)
      Hellshade (for a lack of a better person that is also working for
      the Baron)

      Also instead of Hellshade who would be a better person. Any
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