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2406Re: Damage/Defense balance question

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  • marsalpha
    Feb 1, 2004
      >>>Lizard <lizard@m...> wrote:This also matches the comics -- when
      the Hulk punches Captain America, Cap is knocked back few hundred
      feet and is hurting -- but he isn't red mist. Comics are very
      unrealistic about the effects of super-strength; beings who can lift
      tanks rarely, if ever, kill with a single punch, even though they

      This I think is a better example of using Hero Points I think then
      changing the system. Like I tell most people...DNW as is doesn't
      really need any changes. Super hero RPG's are very hard to do from
      the mechanics standpoint since there are tons of little things like
      that in comics that have to be delt with. I think Scott did a
      wonderful job on addressing things like that in DNW. But like I said
      that is more of using CPT America using Hero Points to prevent
      himself from becoming instant jello....patriot flavor.

      Cris Picado
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