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2078Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] Re: My Yahoo Group

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  • Daiv
    Nov 3 8:47 PM
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      it does, indeed. I have a character idea that i think would fit in
      nicely; Mutant Champion for the Goddess Discordia (She got a bad rap
      after that whole 'trojan war' thing, so he is out to help her do some
      PR on the idea that Chaos, Strife and Discord are /Good/ for people.) I
      do not have the book with me at the moment, and i have not, as yet,
      done the nitty gritty character creation stuff.
      However... I am currently (and for the foreseeable future) on a
      Macintosh computer. From what i have seen, I am therefore unable to run
      the Grip client. I believe this leaves me SOL.
      Still ,if there is a way for me to participate (ie, if there is a Mac
      version of the application) then I am all into it.

      thoughts rise with the sun
      chocolate coffee donuts
      worst idea ever

      AIM drnknmstrhkugk
      YIM daivbear
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