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1978Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] New File: The Super-Athlete Class

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  • Palmer of the Turks
    Oct 1 1:24 AM
      On 1 Oct 2003, at 5:47, cryptosnark wrote:

      > The super-athlete is more combat-capable than the adventurer
      > but less technically skilled and narrower in focus. The
      > super-athlete excels at simple physical exertion in the same way
      > the vigilante excels at fighting others. Feel free to tinker or
      > criticize as you see fit.

      First thought... perhaps d10 HP and d4 PP?
      I see PP as more a metaphysical/soft/internal quality, and the Athlete seems to be
      more of a physical/hard/external focussed archetype... much like the difference
      between Tai Chi Chuan and Muay Thai. Just a thought, really.

      Fort and Ref saves... for some athletes, I'd see Fort as being the higher save. A
      distance runner, for instance.
      Perhaps add a line saying the player can choose to have Fort/Ref/Will +1/+2/+0 or
      +2/+1/+0 save progression, depending on whether they see their athleticism being
      skill/agility based (skateboarding, basketball, etc) or strength/stamina based
      (marathon runner, linebacker, etc)

      Question: Supreme Effort says the character may take 20 even under stress... I get
      the feeling that the intent behind this is that the skill use that benefits from this does
      NOT take the normal 20 times as long (as well as suffer the consequences of failure
      before success). I ask this because normally the lack of stress requirement for taking
      20 is because you need time for 20 uninterrupted skill uses.
      But either way, you may want to be more clear about it.

      Should Intimidate be on the class skill list? Some athletes use it, no doubt.

      It looks good overall... but it just kinda /feels/ weaker than most of the core classes. I
      couldn't tell you why, but I feel that this class will definately be a very niche class,
      mostly taken for flavour/concept than out of utility.

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