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  • cryptosnark
    Sep 5 1:04 AM
      Howdy, All! Sorry for a quiet few days here... I've had my head
      firmly up my posterior shuffling stuff around for the Revised Book
      of Distinctions & Drawbacks. The new edition is going to have a
      screen-friendly landscape layout, a black-and-white letter layout
      printer-friendly version, and a freeware edition of the old 3.0 stuff.
      I figured it was time to expand my layout and design horizons
      and "keep up with the Joneses," so to speak.

      I've also let two new people in to play in our little club here. I
      wonder if the ones that I turned down ("hugejuggs2323478,"
      "doit2me_now," "sororitysex_girls567") will be sad...