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1879Re: TK & Telepathic Savvy

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  • The Shadow
    Aug 3, 2003
      > Tricky to adjucate... just because you're doing something TP
      instead of normally
      > doesn't necessarily make you any better at it, after all.

      The idea was that you're basically manipulating their mind directly
      instead of bothering to be persuasive... but I see your point.

      > How about... you may use your INT bonus to the skill in place of
      your CHA bonus, but
      > use the skill normally otherwise? Since most psions would likely
      have a noticeably
      > higher Int than Cha. And the synergy bonus comes into play as well,
      > And you could can the fatigue bit with this use.

      I have to say that it bothers me that Int is used for so many Psion
      skills... I'd rather see Cha used for a number of them.

      > Possible variant - Spend 1 PP to add your INT bonus to the normal
      roll (keeping the
      > CHA bonus in there as well)

      I like this idea better than the one just above.

      > > Interesting! I suggest a cap on X, though - or maybe just a
      > > progression of X vs. ranks that ensures things don't get TOO ugly
      > > high skill.
      > Ranks would be my choice, so it's based on points spent on it,
      rather than Int bonus
      > and other stuffs.


      The Shadow
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