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1878Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] Re: TK & Telepathic Savvy

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  • Palmer of the Turks
    Aug 3, 2003
      On 3 Aug 2003, at 21:33, The Shadow wrote:

      > > Then make Improved versions of the feats, requiring 10+ (or higher)
      > ranks, which let
      > > you choose 2 skills previously chosen with the Savvy feat to get an
      > additional stacking
      > > +2 bonus (for a total of +4/+4)
      > That'll work. Much like Skill Focus. What do you think of my idea of
      > subbing in the TP roll, with a bonus? (But being detectable.)

      Tricky to adjucate... just because you're doing something TP instead of normally
      doesn't necessarily make you any better at it, after all.

      How about... you may use your INT bonus to the skill in place of your CHA bonus, but
      use the skill normally otherwise? Since most psions would likely have a noticeably
      higher Int than Cha. And the synergy bonus comes into play as well, too.
      And you could can the fatigue bit with this use.

      Possible variant - Spend 1 PP to add your INT bonus to the normal roll (keeping the
      CHA bonus in there as well)

      > > Oh, thought... TK costs PP. Then maybe... a feat allowing you
      > > to use your TK for a +X bonus to any one use of any of the
      > > listed skills for the cost of 1 PP.
      > > The X is determined by your ranks or rating in TK, so higher
      > > ranks give you a bigger bonus without needing to spend more feats.
      > Interesting! I suggest a cap on X, though - or maybe just a
      > progression of X vs. ranks that ensures things don't get TOO ugly at
      > high skill.

      Ranks would be my choice, so it's based on points spent on it, rather than Int bonus
      and other stuffs.

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