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1876Re: TK & Telepathic Savvy

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  • The Shadow
    Aug 3, 2003
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      > Perhaps use the same system as the TP one for synergies, +2 synergy
      to 2 different
      > listed skills... add a matching TK feat for it.

      As might be expected, I'm all in favor. :)

      > Then make Improved versions of the feats, requiring 10+ (or higher)
      ranks, which let
      > you choose 2 skills previously chosen with the Savvy feat to get an
      additional stacking
      > +2 bonus (for a total of +4/+4)

      That'll work. Much like Skill Focus. What do you think of my idea of
      subbing in the TP roll, with a bonus? (But being detectable.)

      > Oh, thought... TK costs PP. Then maybe... a feat allowing you to
      use your TK for a +X
      > bonus to any one use of any of the listed skills for the cost of 1
      > The X is determined by your ranks or rating in TK, so higher ranks
      give you a bigger
      > bonus without needing to spend more feats.

      Interesting! I suggest a cap on X, though - or maybe just a
      progression of X vs. ranks that ensures things don't get TOO ugly at
      high skill.

      The Shadow
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