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1871Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] Re: New Feat; Remote Control.

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  • Palmer of the Turks
    Aug 1, 2003
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      On 1 Aug 2003, at 22:58, cryptosnark wrote:

      > --- In deedsnotwordsd20@yahoogroups.com, Daiv <daiv@c...>
      > wrote:
      > > Remote Control
      > > Prerequisite: Telekinesis (5 Ranks)
      > Hmmm. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. I think that has some
      > promise, Daiv. I imagine a telekinetic "stabilizing" himself for a
      > Balance check, or holding himself up off the flor for a Move
      > Silently check...
      > The idea needs a bit of refinement, since a telekinetic can
      > already replace skills like Pick Pocket (now Sleight of Hand) and
      > Use Rope with a Telekinesis check without the need for a feat...
      > but otherwise very worthwhile.
      > Seems to me that telekinesis should also be able to augment
      > the Strength-based "athletics" skills– Climb, Jump, and Swim.

      Especially Jump, IMO. Hell, with enough points in TK, you can effectively fly, though
      poorly. Maybe a feat to improve that?

      Perhaps have a similar setup to Shadows Telepathic Savvy, where you can select a
      pair skills to boost with your TK. The question is, how much, and how many.

      Perhaps use the same system as the TP one for synergies, +2 synergy to 2 different
      listed skills... add a matching TK feat for it.
      Then make Improved versions of the feats, requiring 10+ (or higher) ranks, which let
      you choose 2 skills previously chosen with the Savvy feat to get an additional stacking
      +2 bonus (for a total of +4/+4)

      Oh, thought... TK costs PP. Then maybe... a feat allowing you to use your TK for a +X
      bonus to any one use of any of the listed skills for the cost of 1 PP.
      The X is determined by your ranks or rating in TK, so higher ranks give you a bigger
      bonus without needing to spend more feats.

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