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1725Re: A couple Incorporality Questions

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  • cryptosnark
    Jul 2, 2003
      --- In deedsnotwordsd20@yahoogroups.com, "The Shadow"
      <grose12@j...> wrote:
      > > >By the way, Scott, did you ever see my discussion on why I
      > > the Energy Attack numbers are broken?
      > >
      > > No, I didn't! I'd love to, though... what's the post number?
      > Shortly after 1.1 came out, I posted two mammoth messages,
      1341 and
      > 1342, on my assessment of each of the powers.
      Alphabetically, no
      > less. :)

      Daaaaaamn! I think the rapid pace of messages flowing across
      our screens at that point screwed us. Sorry I missed those (I
      think I might have peeked at the second one, but then gotten
      swept up in the shuffle). I've marked these two messages for
      termination and will execute at least the first one later tonight. ;)


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