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1720Re: A couple Incorporality Questions

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  • The Shadow
    Jul 1, 2003
      > > I've been maintaining for some time now that the Incorporeality
      > > power needs some serious clarification.
      > Well, I won't disagree with you. I tried to improve upon the vague,
      > aggravating description in the SRD, which rapidly broke down
      > when exposed to the possibilities of supers gaming.

      I can appreciate that. :) The Gaseous Form power got a bit silly in
      places too, for the same reason. (Let 'em keep their clothes. :)

      > My ruling is an accord with the Shadow's view-- by default, one
      > can take only willing (or unconscious) characters. I *would* allow
      > an enhancement that would let your character drag an unwilling
      > subject into incorporeality, but shoving someone into a wall (via
      > incorporeality or teleportation) is something that I considered
      > from the beginning to be verboten, because it's one of those very
      > few powers that strikes me as inherently, inescapably twinky,
      > unfair, and deadly far out of proportion to its EP cost or relative
      > power needs.

      Yay me! :)

      > Sure, I could just make it cost 50 EPs by default, but high EP cost
      > is only a game-balance mechanism to a certain point if Johnny
      > Teleporter could kill Godzilla with a single well-placed Bic pen.

      Godzilla HAS a brain? And heck, if Johnny did manage to lobotomize
      Ol' Sparky, I would not want to be anywhere nearby, thanks! :) Of
      course, since Johnny's a teleporter, he may not have to be, or not
      for very long...

      For people who really want to use Incorporeality or Teleportation as
      weapons - to imitate the Vision, say - create a Penetrating Energy
      Attack, I say.

      By the way, Scott, did you ever see my discussion on why I think the
      Energy Attack numbers are broken?

      > You see? It's not the natural/artificial nature of the gas itself
      > counts, but the natural state of the *environment.* Otherwise,
      > Incorporeality would have amounted to the full 8 EP Unusual
      > Physiology: Breathing (Need Not Breathe) power for free, and I
      > would have had to beef up its EP cost. Also, I don't particularly
      > like the idea of insisting that one super-power ALWAYS implies
      > or requires some level of another (Cybernetic Arms and Legs
      > were an exception in 1.0, and there may be other rare exceptions
      > from time to time, but I mean *rare*).
      > Does that help?

      Yes, that's much more clear. May I suggest a rewrite? I honestly
      did not get that out of the power description.

      > As for inertia, my take is that inertia becomes meaningless to an
      > incorporeal character-- he becomes the solid matter equivalent
      > of a ghost, and can will himself to float or sink like one. As a
      > of thumb, let's say that a character who goes incorporeal at any
      > unusually high speed may decelerate himself to any lesser
      > speed as a standard action. This bit of pseudoscience, I think,
      > saves us from the need to add yet another layer of cans and
      > can-nots to a power that has always driven me crazy (in its d20
      > SRD format) for its loopholes. If we were willing, I think we could
      > add more situational modifiers to Incorporeality than we could to
      > even something like Teleportation.

      OK, it's simple, and we can ignore questions like how the character
      keeps up with the Earth. :) But it does then raise the question, can
      you turn Incorporeal in a car or a jet and not be left behind? If
      not, how can you work this? (This is a question for Astral
      Projectors too...)

      > On the other hand, if someone has a more elegant and
      > ingenious solution, I'm all ears (or eyes).

      I'll see what I can do. :)

      The Shadow
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