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1657Re: Tech Loophole

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  • The Shadow
    Jun 1, 2003
      > The trouble with highly specialized super-mega-twinks like this is
      > that they decrease character versatility and, ultimately,
      > survivability in games run by competent GMs.

      Oh, true. GM vigilance can take care of just about any problem.
      I'm just pointing out a potential area for concern.

      > A Tech walking
      > around with nothing but Underpants of +12 Intelligence is going
      > to kick butt in his laboratory, but when he's infiltrating a
      > warehouse at night and is set upon by fifteen cybernetic ninjas
      > (the Discretion class ability notwithstanding), he's going to be
      > chunky-style egghead soup.

      "Chunky-style egghead soup"! Have I ever mentioned I love your
      wicked sense of humor? :)

      Thing is, those Underpants of +12 Intelligence can enable him to
      build some awfully good defenses too.

      > On the other hand, I do see a potentially valid point-- should a
      > guy who's only super-smart because he built himself an
      > Exo-Brain get extra skill points for doing so (I'm not talking
      > bonus to skills, which is totally cool)? After all, simply ripping
      > his headband or whatever would require the subtraction of skill
      > points from his character sheet, and that could get sticky. For
      > sake of game utility as *well* as game balance, I may specify
      > that only permanent Int additions offer skill points.

      I seem to recall that this very point is mentioned in the DMG. (I
      no longer own the DMG - long story - so someone else will have to
      corroborate.) The possibility of gaining skill points from
      Intelligence-boosting items, that is. I believe it was allowed,
      provided the item was worn near-constantly during the level in

      The Shadow
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