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1356Re: Doubts and such

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  • cryptosnark
    May 1, 2003
      --- In deedsnotwordsd20@yahoogroups.com, "bohrier"
      <gremlin@t...> wrote:

      > 1) What would be the maximum EPs a 1st level character
      could have? I
      > have no idea what to aim for... seems to me they're much
      > than they should, around 50 EPs

      Just remember: for every full 8 uncompensated EPs a character
      has, his Threat Rating rises by 1. This is the rough equivalent of
      a gain of 1 character level. For example, a 1st level character with
      32 uncompensated EPs worth of powers has a TR of 5, not 1. If
      your players have roughly 50 uncompensated EPs worth of stuff
      apiece, they're actually going to fight/operate like 7th level
      characters. Just plan your threats accordingly and everything will
      work out a-ok.


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