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1181Re: April! Holy Crap!

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  • The Shadow
    Apr 1, 2003
      > There's an eminently believable and trustworthy post up at my
      > homepage concerning Cryptosnark's latest heartbreaking work
      > of staggering genius:

      *rolls around on the floor* Sexually confused phrenologists!! Semi-
      wild and slightly introspective!!! You, sir, have a truly wicked
      sense of humor! (But we knew that. I still can't get over "Captain
      New Brunswick". :)

      By the way, you needn't list all those diseases. "Little Nell
      disease" says everything one needs to know. :)

      Please, sir, may I have some more? :)

      > In other news-- Jason has asured me that he can get me my art
      > by Wednesday evening. Since a) I can't get to the computer I
      > need to make the PDF before then, and b) Wednesday is my
      > 25th birthday and there will be no working going on regardless,
      > I'm going to wait and see if that's what happens. 'Cuz if it is, we
      > can rock and roll.

      Happy birthday! I think I can survive until Thursday without
      exploding. If not, I suppose my estate will sue and my heirs will be
      set for life... oh wait, I don't have any. :)

      The Shadow
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