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1061Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] You people, honestly...

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  • The Rusty
    Mar 1, 2003
      > >
      > > Not even your robo-midget ninja army can save you.
      > > I'm fresh out of bed and my head protests that last
      > > use of Wieland's Harsh Sobriety with the wrath of a
      > > thousand burning suns. Taste my pain, fanboy!
      > Hey! That Robot Ninja was designed and given to me by Scott himself!
      > It runs on Artificial Ultimate Power! (since it's not a mammal)

      Well, there's your problem. Had it been a MIDGET you might have had better

      P.S. Thanks for the link to free easy pdf... now I have to decide what to do
      with the Rustyverse.
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