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Short-term MTV Gig for Jabber Developer in NYC

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  • Seth Johnson
    ... Subject: [jadmin] short-term freelance gig at MTV in NYC /high-message-volume jabber1.4 deployment / flash zero-bytepatch for ejabberd? Date: Mon, 28 Nov
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
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      Subject: [jadmin] short-term freelance gig at MTV in NYC
      /high-message-volume jabber1.4 deployment / flash
      zero-bytepatch for ejabberd?
      Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 23:43:50 -0500
      From: "Kirschner, Larry" <Larry.kirschner@...>
      Reply-To: Jabber server administration list <jadmin@...>
      To: <jadmin@...>
      I'm using jabber as the socket-communication layer in a
      multiplayer game platform. I need it to perform much better than
      what I'm seeing. I'm looking to bring someone in as a freelancer
      to help me set up a jabber environment that meets the
      requirements below. You should be an expert admin on one of the
      open source jabbers (mainly looking at jabber1, and ejabberd so
      far). If you're interested email me with your rate, resume, etc.
      at larry.kirschner@.... There's a crunch to get this done so
      it'd be great if you're available immediately. I'm guessing this
      will be a few days to a week or so of work. On the other hand if
      you're not looking for work but just want to chime in, any
      help/advice is greatly appreciated. REQUIREMENTS: * 10000
      concurrent users* Users grouped into muc rooms in groups of 5 to
      20* 10000 (muc) messages/second (these will mostly come from the
      GAME_SERVER user who will broadcast game events over a small pool
      of connections)* Small number of rooms with many users (500+).
      These are the game lobbies. Message rate to lobby rooms will be
      much lower than message rate to game rooms, mostly just
      LOBBY_ENTER and LOBBY_EXIT messages* Ability to support flash
      0-byte XmlSocket connections Because of the flash requirement,
      I've been using jabber1.4, but it's not performing anywhere near
      the way I need it to. Instead it seems to be limiting messages to
      about 1 every 2 seconds and dropping (rather than delaying)
      messages sent in the interum. The current DEV deployment
      is: jabber 1.4.3muc 0.6.0jadc2s 0.9.0 (connected as a service on
      the same box as jabberd) DEV box is linux 2.6.9 with a single
      Intel Xeon 3.06GHz and 1GB ram. The production env box is beefier
      with 4 procs. I haven't been able to figure out what's causing
      the poor performance. I have all karma turned off and debug
      turned on. I'm very open to trying other open-source jabbers if
      they have a patch to work with flash XmlSockets. Ejabberd in
      particular looks like it would be a great fit for this platform.
      I've been looking around for an ejabberd/flash-socket patch, but
      all I find is lots of mail-list requests like this one asking for
      the patch. Thanks, Larry KirschnerSoftware ArchitectMTV Networks
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