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Call for Papers: MMNS 2004

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  • rwouhaybi
    Call for Papers 7th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks & Services Host: IT@Intel Information Technology Research Intel
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2004
      Call for Papers

      7th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia
      Networks & Services


      IT@Intel Information Technology Research
      Intel Corporation
      San Diego, California, USA
      October 3-6, 2004

      The IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia
      Networks and Services (MMNS) will hold its seventh annual meeting on
      October 3 through October 6, 2004, in San Diego, California. A single-
      track conference, MMNS will provide participants with an intimate
      setting for discussion and debate.

      MMNS has established itself as a premier conference for research and
      innovation in management of emerging multimedia technology and
      networking services. The objective of the conference is to bring
      together researchers and scientists from industry and academia
      researching and developing state-of-the-art management systems, while
      creating a public venue for results dissemination and intellectual

      The demand for real-time services, integrated multimedia
      communications and mobile application services thrives in today's
      consumer and corporate market. The need to evolve management tools
      and methodologies to keep pace with emerging networks is at a
      critical juncture with the proliferation of mobility and wireless
      systems, intelligent and broadband networks, data/voice convergence
      and the integration of computing and communication in all devices.
      Concepts such as autonomics, self-healing, self-organized and
      adaptive computing systems are bringing both the academic and
      industry research communities together to address the challenges of
      managing complexity and systems problems, where management is
      inevitably key.

      MMNS broadly solicits research in network and service management and
      new models, architectures and designs in technology and services to
      enable multimedia proliferation. This year, MMNS 2004 will continue
      the success of the outstanding agendas of the past, but also
      emphasize and solicit novel research in network autonomics and new
      architectures in wireless systems and multimedia services to
      facilitate security, quality of service and mobility.

      The MMNS program committee is soliciting original papers describing
      research in the area of management of multimedia networks and
      services. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

      • Network autonomics & autonomous systems
      • Adaptive computing systems
      • Wireless and mobile multimedia network management
      • Ad-hoc and Sensor networks
      • Distributed multimedia service management
      • End-to-end IP multimedia management
      • Converged communications (VoIP) service management
      • Active multimedia network management
      • Multimedia session management
      • Video, streaming, real-time video service management
      • Middleware, reflective systems support for management
      • Multimedia traffic management
      • Multimedia content protection
      • Large-scale monitoring and provisioning systems
      • Policy-based management
      • Network programmability for multimedia services
      • Trustworthy & survivable systems
      • Quality of service management
      • Resource, performance and fault management
      • Multi-point, multicast services management
      • Deployment of multimedia services
      • Traffic engineering and optimization
      • Network management models and architectures
      • Billing and security for multi-media services
      • Content distribution networking
      • RFID-based management systems
      • Cable multimedia network management
      • Optical multimedia network management

      For further information, please contact the co-chairs:

      John Vicente (john.vicente@...) or David Hutchison

      Important dates:

      Submission deadline: April 16, 2004
      Notification of acceptance: June 15, 2004
      Final version: July 16, 2004
      MMNS04 Conference: October 3-62004
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