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Open Collaboration Services Initiative / Anaheim Feb. 4th

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  • Johannes Ernst
    The Open Collaboration Services Initiative (OCSI) will be meeting in Anaheim, CA, Feb. 4th. Vendors and users of collaboration-related technologies are invited
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2004
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      The Open Collaboration Services Initiative (OCSI) will be meeting in
      Anaheim, CA, Feb. 4th. Vendors and users of collaboration-related
      technologies are invited to participate and speak for approx. 10-15 min
      each about their views / requirements / solutions for software services
      enabling collaborative business.

      We expect OCSI to produce three main results, over some period:

      1) an "architecture blueprint for collaborative business" that
      enterprises can reference to enable collaborative business internally
      and with their partners and customers; this blueprint will be suitable
      to guide enterprises' collaboration-related investments from a
      technology perspective;

      2) an integrated set of protocols ("universal collaboration connector")
      that enables "plug-and-play" collaboration across vendor and
      organizational boundaries;

      3) conformance profiles for different verticals, such as manufacturing,
      health care, finance etc.

      Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we intend to build that "integrated
      set of protocols" mainly by referencing existing, open standards (such
      as XMPP/Jabber, SIP, SMTP, WebDAV, RSS,.. etc.) As many analysts have
      pointed out, there are far too many fragmented pieces of technology in
      the market today in order to create investment certainty for
      enterprises around collaborative technology: OCSI brings together the
      industry in an open forum in order to create that investment certainty.

      We are issuing an open call for participation in Anaheim, in order to
      make sure OCSI picks the right standards from which to build such an
      integrated collaboration connector, solving the right problems, and in
      order to get broad input on the OCSI roadmap and architecture. Both
      user organizations ("requirements, vision,...") and vendor
      organizations ("solutions, vision,...") are welcome.

      OCSI is expected to be also formally chartered during that week as an
      initiative within the Object Management Group, best-known for industry
      standards such as CORBA, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and Model
      Driven Architecture (MDA).

      If you are interested in OCSI, and/or in participating in the Anaheim
      meeting, please get in touch with me. If you cannot participate, but
      have thoughts on the subject, please get in touch as well. Vendor,
      user, open source, integrator, ... views are all welcome and important.

      I'm sending this to the decentralization list as in my mind, a
      blueprint for collaborative business necessarily needs to be
      decentralized, at least to a certain extent (the extent that, say,
      e-mail or Jabber are de/centralized). It may represent one of the more
      compelling reasons for the use of decentralized technologies in

      More information: http://www.open-collaboration.org/

      Feel free to contact me with questions.


      Johannes Ernst
      R-Objects Inc.
      Co-founder, Open Collaboration Services Initiative
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