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Fwd: Reputations (re: XML/X - part III - Governance)

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  • Todd Boyle
    FYI, a reputation framework. Are there any others? TOdd
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2002
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      FYI, a reputation framework. Are there any others?


      >Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:03:18 -0800
      >Subject: Reputations (re: XML/X - part III - Governance)
      >From: jeff fitzmyers <fitz22@...>
      >To: tboyle@...
      >Todd Boyle said, on the XML/X list
      >>I am interested in joining with other members of the internet
      >>community to foster a robust, permanent reputation framework.
      >I have a system 90% done. The reputation event (for my site) is simply a
      >post that others can rate (and back up their opinion with DGC). The OSS
      >system includes feedback loops, is decentralized, and I have REALLY gone
      >out of the way to make it consumer friendly yet secure.
      >Essentially this is supposed to be a simple framework that allows one to
      >filter the mountains if internet information and manage communication
      >based on reputation and free market economics.
      >Sample uses:
      >1) focus group, customer support, filtering discussion groups, contests
      >2) screening out potential clients with less then XXXXX reputation from
      >XXXXXX source.
      >3) A persons email signature could be something like this:
      >Regards, Jeff Fitzmyers
      >The link would pull up the public ratings in Castpoints (or whatever url
      >is the main one) and also other "systems" the user has chosen to
      >display. (the user is always in charge of their information) I also have
      >a beta DTD for transferring reputations.
      >My site is a discussion board where people rate a post's CONTENT (facts,
      >style and effort), then separately your AGREEMENT (agree/like or
      >disagree/dislike) with the post's point of view. (people also can rate
      >how well they think a replier rated a post -- lots of feedback loops :)
      >The 'webmaster' can charge a flat fee to make money. Most settings are
      >self configuring as much as possible.
      >(forgive the placeholder logo :)
      >A neat result is one can find out how much they would get paid for
      >publishing a review on a sports team. Supply and demand of requested stuff
      >is freely availible.
      >Phase 2 is letting people charge to be contacted about 'whatever' -- opt
      >in email marketing / sales. (we already know what they want because we
      >send them daily emails of their pre selected filtered info.
      >Regards, Jeff
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