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Fwd: Jump In Net Traffic Could Help Promote Bandwidth Trading (Was Re: Edupage, September 17, 2001)

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  • Todd Boyle
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2001
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      >Subject: Jump In Net Traffic Could Help Promote Bandwidth Trading (Was
      > Re: Edupage, September 17, 2001)
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      >At 3:39 PM -0600 on 9/17/01, EDUCAUSE wrote:
      > > As people logged on in record numbers in order to find out about
      > > the terrorist attacks, the Internet slowed to a crawl in many
      > > places. Experts say this could have been avoided if there were
      > > a real-time bandwidth trading infrastructure to help distribute
      > > traffic to local networks. Universal Access president Bob Rainone
      > > said connections between long-haul networks and local lines are
      > > in short supply and often cause the bottleneck that slows Internet
      > > traffic. Besides this shortcoming, regional carriers often keep
      > > their local lines to themselves. Companies such as RateXchange,
      > > Amerex Bandwidth, and Enron Bandwidth are working to develop a
      > > market for companies to share this local access, so they can buy
      > > bandwidth in case their own networks are overloaded. Experts say
      > > that real-time bandwidth sharing will come about as the market
      > > matures, just as other shared commodities like electricity and
      > > oil evolved from word-of-mouth agreements to real-time shared
      > > contracts.
      > > (Investor's Business Daily, 17 September 2001)
      >R. A. Hettinga <mailto: rah@...>
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      >"... however it may deserve respect for its usefulness and antiquity,
      >[predicting the end of the world] has not been found agreeable to
      >experience." -- Edward Gibbon, 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'
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