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7170Re: [decentralization] directional motion

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  • Patrik Wallstrom
    May 17, 2014
      On Sat, 17 May 2014, Clay Shirky clay@... [decentralization] wrote:

      > > Maybe there was a finite opening phase in computing, where standards
      > drove the
      > > agenda and ideals of decentralization were widely shared.
      > And we know when it ended -- http and HTML were the last two important
      > standards worked out before people had an idea of how much money was at
      > stake. The very next set of protocols -- chat, starting with ICQ -- have
      > not settled on a single set of open standards to this day, leaving things
      > like Addium to rety to reverse-engineer interoperability.

      Yes, chat has never been a success with distributed and standardization.

      SMTP has been destroyed by spam. Even though we can pretend it is a
      distributed protocol, the current trend is also going towards
      centralization. Smaller e-mail operators have an increasingly hard time
      to deliver e-mail to the big operators, largely because the increasing
      complexity handling the spam protection mechanisms. And also, the
      customers seems to like it, jumping on the centralized servers - they
      are very good at fightning spam!

      So I guess we have largely lost the spam wars, just being happy to
      have the e-mail giants fight it for us.

      If XMPP ever gains popularity over the other chat protocols, my
      suspicion is that it will also go the same direction as SMTP. A large
      amount of users attracts spam - and spam fighting will make the
      services centralize to gain strength.
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