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7157Personal cloud, meet Unhosted

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  • Lucas Gonze
    May 9, 2014
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      Unhosting (as in unhosted.org) is a different technology strategy to
      implement the goal of having users control their own data.

      It is an architecture in which
      1) Apps run in the cloud, not on the client
      2) The app is not tied to a specific host or domain
      3) User data does not live in the app but on an arbitrary server of
      the user's choice

      An app's code would be expected to work off the shelf on a wide
      variety of hosts. npm install from an open repo should be enough.

      An app's data would be expected to live in any location compatible
      with a publication and storage protocol, including:
      - Indie Box (tm)
      - Dropbox
      - local storage
      - a cookie

      (I'm not close to the details of Unhosted apps and am probably making
      some error here).
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