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7087Indie Box Project

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  • Johannes Ernst
    Sep 30, 2013
      Not sure this group still exists, but in case it does this would be relevant ...

      I recently started the Indie Box Project. An open-source project to simplify the installation and maintenance of web apps on embedded Linux devices and plug computers.

      The idea being that with ARM boards becoming really cheap and powerful (e.g. Raspberry PI, lots of others), we can run real web apps on them on hardware we can own and afford, in our own homes. And, over time, talk to each other directly, without having to through some central, feudal authority.

      The feudal overlords have changed since this list was created. The problem remains. But what if we could have all our own personal cloud aka Indie Box?

      P.S. Help wanted.



      Johannes Ernst
      Twitter: @Johannes_Ernst

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