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7060ANNOUNCE: Public Key Transaction Processor Version 0.00

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  • Andrew McMeikan
    Jun 23, 2010
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      I am seeking people to participate in live testing of a distributed
      metal storage and transaction system.

      Approximately one year of operation of a single node has allowed
      testing of transactions and refining the code to todays release of
      version 0.00. A notable improvement over previous test versions is
      the ability to set a 'Next of Kin' key. This allows metals held by
      a lost key, or with a forgotten passphrase to be recovered on the
      key expiry or the expiry of the vaults key. Metals will be
      transfered to the chosen next of kin key. This provides even
      greater protection for all users. The default next of kin is the
      vault operator, this is anticipated to provide sufficient funds that
      no other fees such as storage or transaction fees need be applied.

      Designed to facilitate a global network of storage vaults allowing
      local deposit and redemption with transactions across the world,
      the next stage of testing requires multiple vaults to be operated.

      If you can set up a Linux box and have an interest in secure and
      private transactions, you are invited to participate.

      An introduction and boring rant about it is at http://pktp.co.cc

      The source code is available at http://drop.io/andrewmuck

      The use of the Firefox plugin FireGPG works very well and makes the
      PKTP system as easy to use as conventional user/password systems
      while maintaining the high security of Public Key Infrastructure.

      A Java based transaction formatter provides templates for all uses
      and can be seen at http://fincryp.no-ip.info/transact.html

      Success of any metal storage and transaction system requires that
      users can have confidence in the operators of the system. By
      establishing a distributed network of vaults with local redemption
      provides a level of personal assurance and metal in hand there is
      the potential to establish a large international user base while
      keeping the storage required at each vault within manageable (i.e
      cheap) limits. I hope that many will consider and join this effort
      and use it responsibly with due consideration to whatever legal
      requirements may exist in their jurisdiction.

      cya, Andrew...

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