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7049Re: The decline of P2P and Decentralisation

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  • Andrew de Andrade
    Jan 25, 2010
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      The two places where we can promote P2P as a design pattern right now
      is in the WHAT-WG of the W3C and the IETF. The WHAT-WG is the working
      group responsible for defining the HTML5 standard.

      Just last week I posted the following idea to the group's list and I'm
      trying to recruit people that can help us explore this idea:


      Keep in mind that for some reason my mail-agent and my friend's mail
      agent broke the thread and it is separated into more than one thread
      at the moment.

      Gleicon has a few ideas for implementing this and I've gotten some
      tips from others like Todd over at HighScalability.

      If anyone on this list wants to participate or can indicate others to
      participate, that would be awesome. Right now I'm trying to call the
      attention of those with the technical knowledge necessary to take this
      forward. I'm a product manager with the skills to help organize this
      idea, but I don't know enough to make this happen alone.


      andrew at deandrade dot com dot br
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