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6992Re: Two NN Events Tomorrow

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  • Seth Johnson
    Mar 11, 2008
      Video of the Judiciary Committee Hearing at:
      > http://boss.streamos.com/real-live/judiciary/17223/56_judiciary-coj_2141_070212.ram


      Seth Johnson wrote:
      > Two events tomorrow, same time:
      > Susan Crawford will speak to the House Judiciary Committee, along with
      > Damian Kulash of OK Go, Michele Combs of Christian Coalition of
      > America, Rick Carnes of Songwriters Guild of America, Caroline
      > Fredrickson of ACLU, and Christopher Yoo of University of
      > Pennsylvania:
      > Tuesday 03/11/2008 - 2:00 PM
      > 2141 Rayburn House Office Building
      > Judiciary Committee Antitrust Task Force
      > Hearing on Net Neutrality and Free Speech on the Internet
      > > http://judiciary.house.gov/oversight.aspx?ID=426
      > ---
      > Harold Feld of Media Access Project and Marvin Ammori of Free Press
      > will debate Ken Ferree of the Progress and Freedom Foundation and
      > Lawrence Spiwak of the Phoenix Center:
      > Broadband Industry Practices Webcast
      > Debate on Net Neutrality
      > March 11, 2008 - 2 PM ET
      > > http://www.vontv.net/events/080311/
      > Susan has the bigger task, I think, as she will deal with Christopher
      > Yoo's odd indirection, and apparently copyright stakeholders are being
      > thrown into the mix (which really is off the point, but it suggests
      > the level the proceeding will be starting from).
      > However, if she is true to form, she can be expected to make the
      > single most important point that needs to be stressed as the
      > discussion moves toward "network management" and "quality of service"
      > -- that the Internet platform is general purpose. This is the most
      > important technical point that must always be incorporated in the
      > discussion of NN, which will allow us to distinguish what really is
      > problematic and what is not. That point leads to practical and
      > constructive insight, providing the opportunity for all participants
      > to come to understanding of where numerous, diverse concerns are
      > appropriately positioned, while we discuss the free speech, privacy,
      > common carriage, antitrust, nondiscrimination and other key issues
      > that are implied in the "net neutrality" issue.
      > Seth


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