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6900The decline of P2P and Decentralisation

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  • Julian Bond
    Apr 23, 2007
      Whatever happened to P2P and Decentralisation as a design pattern?

      Wordpress and Movable type became Myspace and Facebook.

      RSS became Google Reader

      Distributed email servers and desktop clients have become Google Mail

      Posting a Quicktime file on your site has become YouTube

      Running your own shoutcast server has become Last.FM tag radio

      IRC has become Twitter

      This post was prompted by Twitter and Twitter's success. If you were
      going to design this from scratch knowing what they know now, would you
      really use a pull architecture, centralised web system and Ruby on

      Did we all forget about Decentralisation or has the pendulum just swung
      out to the opposite end and is due to swing back any time now?

      ps. I know those questions are strawmen and the truth is that (almost)
      everything that has ever happened is still happening.

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