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6644Re: [decentralization] Movable type V3 and Authentication

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  • Julian Bond
    May 1, 2004
      Wes Felter <wesley@...> wrote:
      >Sure, everything should be decentralized. :-) But the usability is
      >better with a centralized service, because all you have to do is click
      >on a link. In a decentralized version you'd have to tell each site
      >where your server is at.

      There's some middle ground here with federated single signon. If there
      were competing authentication services using a common standard, then you
      could just choose from a drop down list of services that the current
      website knew about and accepted.

      The next layer down would be most easily solved by having the remote
      service and service type as part of the ID. eg
      "Jabber:julian_bond@...". That's not much harder than julian_bond
      and assuming Typekey.com

      I'm not really sure that a 3 field form for signin is that hard either.
      ID, password, signin endpoint URL would be easy to use, especially if
      the browser remembered the values for you. These second and third
      options shift the burden of proof towards post-audit from ante-trust but
      I don't think that's any bad thing except in commercial transactions
      where there's money involved.

      The piece missing in all this is a simple, easy to use protocol for
      sites to participate as either as a service provider or identity
      provider or both. The Liberty/PingId project is probably the closest we
      have to a standard but I still find it excessively complicated to
      implement. I just can't see the typical LAMP based site making it
      happen. There is a Java and Dotnet implementation but it's not friendly
      to enthusiasts as opposed to funded professionals. (I hate the terms but
      I think you get the difference).

      The Drupal system is a good starting point but nobody pretends that it's
      even remotely secure. That's not actually a problem in the real world
      and it works fine where security is not the issue.

      The other related problem is populating the local user record and
      avoiding retyping the same 30 fields on every new site you sign up to.
      There's some work being done on trying to use your FOAF file for this.
      At the moment there's not a very good match between FOAF and the sort of
      data required. Another place where some standardization could really

      There's an opportunity here for SixApart to create some de-facto open
      standards for all this. I just don't expect them to do it. No blame;
      just sorrow.

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