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6637Re: [decentralization] Dynamic Networking

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  • Paul Prescod
    Apr 24, 2004
      > On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 01:47:15PM -0500, Justin Chapweske wrote:
      >>In order to provide dynamic networking at the URI naming level, you
      >>simply need to switch a portion of your URIs to non-DNS-based URIs.
      >>There is no need to switch all of your URIs to be location
      >>independent, and indeed in Swarmcast we freely mix static HTTP URIs
      >>with location independent UUID URIs.

      I can't believe that after all these years I am going to step back into
      the name versus location debate but I suppose I am just kind of nostalgic.

      Rather than write a long email I've written up a little essay. Please
      excuse the fact that it is barely edited:


      >>Location independent URIs, by their very nature, imply support for
      >>both an anycast model, as well as a single-end-node or point-to-point
      >>model. The only difference between these two cases is the number of
      >>authoritative sources that can provide the service associated with the
      >>URI in a secure fashion. In an anycast model, a number of nodes can
      >>authoritatively serve a URI, and in a point-to-point model, only a
      >>single end node can authoritatively serve a URI.

      These features all hold regardless of whether the URI has a syntax
      starting with "http://" or "uuid:" You can choose to use an anycast
      model for HTTP URIs, you can have multiple authoritiative sources for
      HTTP URIs (haven't you ever used Google's cache as more authoritiative
      than the referenced domain?) etc.

      Paul Prescod
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