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6634Re: [decentralization] Dynamic Networking

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  • Eric Hopper
    Apr 23 11:24 AM
      On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 01:47:15PM -0500, Justin Chapweske wrote:
      > In order to provide dynamic networking at the URI naming level, you
      > simply need to switch a portion of your URIs to non-DNS-based URIs.
      > There is no need to switch all of your URIs to be location
      > independent, and indeed in Swarmcast we freely mix static HTTP URIs
      > with location independent UUID URIs.
      > Location independent URIs, by their very nature, imply support for
      > both an anycast model, as well as a single-end-node or point-to-point
      > model. The only difference between these two cases is the number of
      > authoritative sources that can provide the service associated with the
      > URI in a secure fashion. In an anycast model, a number of nodes can
      > authoritatively serve a URI, and in a point-to-point model, only a
      > single end node can authoritatively serve a URI.

      Of course, my vision of the solution to this problem involves the
      creation of a location-transparent overlay network on top of IP. :-)

      But, even with such a thing, there still needs to be a way to
      dynamically map one network onto another, and I use URIs for that. In
      fact, since locations in my networking scheme can by a URI, this really
      is that same solution from a high-level perspective.

      Have fun (if at all possible),
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