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6631Re: [decentralization] Dynamic Networking

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  • Justin Chapweske
    Apr 23, 2004
      > Generalised IPv6 across the web feels just as remote as it did 3 years
      > ago. There's more and more NAT everywhere as private users install WLAN
      > routers on their broadband. The problem of public addressability isn't
      > going away. It's getting worse.

      True, but with Microsoft's recent SDKs, it looks like using IPv6 for a
      single application might be feasible since the whole thing appears to be
      tunnelable over IPv4 UDP. Does anyone here have more direct experience
      with this?

      > So to get to the point; Maybe there's scope here for using Skype/Kazaa
      > like techniques but pushing them down the stack into the OS and App dev
      > environment so that they fade from view.

      I agree. Application developers should be able to assume that all
      connections are point-to-point and bi-directional.

      I think the other camp of thinking is to explicitly assume that the
      network is heavily NAT'd and difficult to route in, and that application
      developers should explicitly deal with the problem via routing

      For the time-being at least, I'm going to resist this mindset and push
      towards abstractions that allow transparent end-to-end communications.

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