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6594Re: [decentralization] BitTorrent + RSS

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  • Wes Felter
    Dec 17 9:12 AM
      On Dec 17, 2003, at 2:18 AM, Julian Bond wrote:

      > Scott Raymond <sco@...> wrote:
      >> As I see it, the *real* potential of combining BT and RSS is in the
      >> reverse: use RSS to publish .torrent URLs. Configure your news
      >> aggregator to pass all new .torrents to the BT client, and you've got
      >> yourself a media aggregator that uses open standards, plays well with
      >> the existing tools, and is easy on the content provider's servers.
      > This can be done right now and I believe someone is working on an RSS
      > feed of .torrents.
      > The problem I think is the location of all the parts. BitTorrent has a
      > server component and doesn't play well with NAT. In theory desktop
      > aggregators could build the protocol into their code. This would be
      > good
      > because it would mean that client BT code would stay running and serve
      > as an additional source while using background processing to do the
      > downloads. But it's bad because they are probably behind NAT and
      > probably can't act as a tracking server.

      If you have a Web site/RSS feed, it's served by a centralized server.
      So you just need to get a BT tracker onto that server. (Are you
      listening, Six Apart and UserLand?)

      Wes Felter - wesley@... - http://felter.org/wesley/
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