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6520Re: [decentralization] Re: P2P conference directory

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  • J C Lawrence
    Jul 23, 2003
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      On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:52:22 +0100
      cefn hoile <cefn.hoile@...> wrote:

      > Sam, I must admit, having played with a few, I have found that TWiki
      > is about the best compromise between ease of use and functionality.

      As an old time TWiki user and operator, I currently rate ZWiki at the
      top of the heap there, especially if under CMF.

      > I cannot claim to have undertaken an exhaustive survey of Wikis, but
      > there's sure a lot of them.

      And more every day.

      > Another component of that decision is connected to the 'geeky toys'
      > like FlexibleSkin SessionPlugin PublishAddOn which work with TWiki.

      I find StructuredText or (preferably) StructuredTextNG to be the among
      the more easily taught and used of the TextFormatting definitions of the
      various Wiki's. TWiki's use of leading space for lists and confused
      handling of nested markup is particularly annoying.

      Caveats:I've deployed and trained users on Wiki's at 4 mid-size
      companies and three user groups, but all the audiences have had a
      technical bent (engineers, SysAdms, etc).

      J C Lawrence
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