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6510Re: P2P conference directory

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  • samrhjoseph
    Jul 18, 2003
      --- In decentralization@yahoogroups.com, Erik Moeller <moeller@s...>
      > Am Don, 2003-07-17 um 10.12 schrieb
      > The infoAnarchy wiki
      > http://www.infoanarchy.org/wiki/
      > already has an active user community and nearly 2000 pages; the
      > infoAnarchy weblog has an "Events" section which can be used to
      > p2p-related events.

      I think the idea is to have a listing of p2p conferences in one
      place, so you can glance down the list and see when the upcoming
      submission deadlines are. Something that is difficult to do if you
      have multiple events spread throughout a weblog format.

      > http://www.infoanarchy.org/submitstory
      > Furthermore, if you use a wiki, please do not use the dreaded
      > CamelCaseSyntaxWhichLeadsToUnreadableMessesOfPages. TWiki is a
      piece of
      > crap from a usability perspective and slow as molasses, although it
      > lots of geeky toys. Whenever I see "/twiki/bin/view/Main" in an URL
      > run and hide. It gives wikis a bad name.

      Which wiki software would you recommend? I've been trying out Twiki
      for a few weeks, and find it to be pretty good as far as usability
      goes. At least it is more usable than some of the other wikis I've
      tried. I would be interested to hear your recommendations.

      For me personally, having got twiki setup and working, I'm
      disinclined to change it, unless you can show me a wiki that is
      significantly more usable.

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