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643RE: [decentralization] two party encryption

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Nov 1, 2000
      > Like OceanStore? Have I mentioned that yet?
      > http://oceanstore.cs.berkeley.edu/

      quite cool.


      OceanStore is a utility infrastructure designed to span the globe and provide
      continuous access to persistent information. Since this infrastructure is
      comprised of untrusted servers, data is protected through redundancy and
      cryptographic techniques. To improve performance, data is allowed to be cached
      anywhere, anytime. Additionally, monitoring of usage patterns allows adaptation
      to regional outages and denial of service attacks; monitoring also enhances
      performance through pro-active movement of data. A prototype implementation is
      currently under development.


      Our starting assumptions are: (i) a vast diversity of computing devices (PDAs,
      cameras, displays, sensors, actuators, mobile robots, vehicles), (ii)
      "unlimited" storage (servers supporting personal storage beyond a terabyte;
      anything that can be captured and stored in digital form will be), (iii) every
      computing device is connected roughly in proportion to its "capacity" (small
      devices with little bandwidth, communicating locally to larger devices with
      access to increased capacity), (iv) devices are predominantly "compatible,"
      rather than predominantly incompatible (plug and play interoperation enabled by
      perva-sive technology for on-the-fly translation, emulation, and virtual
      machines). The only common element is communication. Devices will be so
      specialized that it will be unusual to have one with an "average" amount of
      processor, memory, disk, display, input, and connectivity.
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