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6256Re: [decentralization] [mnet-devel] reconsidering fundamental Mnet architecture (fwd)

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  • Julian Bond
    Dec 15, 2002
      Lucas Gonze <lgonze@...> wrote:
      >See also:

      This reminds me a lot of two concepts I've come across. The first is
      William Gibson's "Walled City" in the Idoru series. This was a subset of
      the net which was complete of itself but who's members chose not to
      interact with the rest of it. Whenever I've raised this in conversation,
      poeple have always thought of it in terms of firewalls (viz the great
      firewall of China) but it actually makes more sense as a logical
      overlay. Some of the private discussion groups behave like this such as
      Howard Rheingold's Brainstorms (or The Well?). There's no need for a
      moderation or trust metric system because everyone is there by
      invitation and hence has a vested interest in playing cooperatively.

      The second concept came from Consume.net and was a protocol for deciding
      if a "Guest" should have access to a WiFi community. It's known as the
      "cup of tea" protocol. You can't join and use the service until you've
      sat down and had a cup of tea with a member or node owner. We seem to be
      moving towards similar whitelist approaches in several areas, notably
      spam control.

      One last point. I like the feel of trust and relationship algorithms
      that are only positive and have no concept of enemy. Where you can mark
      someone up as a friend but there's no facility to mark people down.
      These also have the advantage that they are easier to implement as side
      effects of other behaviour rather than a specific action.

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