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6252Re: [decentralization] [mnet-devel] reconsidering fundamental Mnet architecture (fwd)

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  • Justin Chapweske
    Dec 14, 2002
      There is a lot of interesting stuff in Zooko's post, but I think this is
      the most important:

      > Intriguingly, all three of these possible future Mnets can in principle
      > interoperate with one another...

      I think the fundamental question is: What are the fundamental building
      blocks that a given system needs in order to interop with a friendnet

      For interop reasons, is it sufficient to treat a given friendnet as a
      virtual supernode, thus allowing individual members to remain anonymous,
      or is it necessary to interact with individuals directly?

      This is definately a taste of whats to come.

      Justin Chapweske, Onion Networks
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