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6202Re: [decentralization] decentralized recognizability

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  • brandon@blanu.net
    Nov 6, 2002
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      > Well what I was getting at was *not* to use the visualized squiggly as
      > the cryptographic signature; but rather to have the tool present the
      > squiggly to the user as an irrelivant front (facade) to the actual
      > cryptographic signature. So if the squiggly looked like the persons
      > actual written signature, so much the better. And if the person creating
      > the signature used their actual signature to create the cryptographic
      > signature, so much the better.

      I don't think that it is possible to make any useful merging of written
      signatures and digital signatures such that either 1) visualization of
      the public key or cryptographic signature looks anything like the
      written signature, or 2) the written signature can be used in any useful
      way in the generation of the public key or cryptographic signature.

      Public keys and signatures look for all intents and purposes like random
      noise. Public keys can be generated from any seed you want, but to be
      useful as public keys and not just passwords, they need to be generated
      from random noise.
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