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6198Re: [decentralization] decentralized recognizability

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  • Seth Russell
    Nov 6 10:03 AM
      brandon@... wrote:
      Hmmm ... so are you saying that someone could use their own real 
      signature to generate a digital signature?
      In other words, instead of typing arbritrary key strokes to generate the 
      key, you just digitize an instance
      of your signature.   Then when it's played back, it looks like your real 
      signature?  Is that possible?  
      This idea doesn't map onto the concept of a cryptographic signature, a
      mapping which someone might infer from the way the thread drifted from
      cryptographic signatures to written signatures.
      Well what I was getting at was *not* to use the visualized squiggly as the cryptographic signature; but rather to have the tool present the squiggly to the user as an irrelivant front (facade) to the actual cryptographic signature.  So if the squiggly looked like the persons actual written signature, so much the better. And if the person creating the signature used their actual signature to create the cryptographic signature, so much the better.   In any case the squiggly would be irrelivant to the crypto tools and would always be ignored.  The only rational to do that would be to make the technology look more human .. and hense promote its use. This may be quite a different idea than what Lucas originally presented, I dont know.   If someone tried to spoof the system by using a visual forgery of the facade, the crypto tool would still inform the user that the signature did not match the key.  Can't that be built into the tool in an uncorruptable manner ?
      Seth Russell

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