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6187Re: [decentralization] decentralized recognizability

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  • Seth Russell
    Nov 5, 2002
      Lucas Gonze wrote:

      >Seth Russell wrote:
      >>Hmmm ... seems to me that if you can map an arbitrary digital signature
      >>into a squizzly line, then you could
      >>map an arbitrary squiggly line into a digital signature ... though the
      >>math to do that is beyond me.
      >here's the python from circle(*) that generates the graphic, you just have
      >to invert it:
      Hmmm ... so are you saying that someone could use their own real
      signature to generate a digital signature?
      In other words, instead of typing arbritrary key strokes to generate the
      key, you just digitize an instance
      of your signature. Then when it's played back, it looks like your real
      signature? Is that possible?

      Seth Russell
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