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6185Re: [decentralization] decentralized recognizability

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  • Seth Russell
    Nov 5 9:51 AM
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      Lucas Gonze wrote:

      >Jeffrey Kay wrote:
      >>Do you have a pointer for the code that does this? I might have a place
      >>to implement something like this for a research project I'm working on.
      >That's http://freshmeat.net/projects/circle/?topic_id=22%2C251%2C87, Jeff.
      >It seems to me that the technique itself could be refined and extended.
      >For example, break the signatures up into several chunks, use color,
      >modify the generator to output well known shapes. Also, there should be
      >unix console utility to do it, apart from the circle implementation.
      Hmmm ... seems to me that if you can map an arbitrary digital signature
      into a squizzly line, then you could
      map an arbitrary squiggly line into a digital signature ... though the
      math to do that is beyond me.

      Seth Russell
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