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6155Re: [decentralization] Saaf testimony

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  • Gordon Mohr
    Oct 2 8:50 PM
      --- Kevin Prichard <decent@...> wrote:
      > Just about anything that an author can build into a
      > client can be
      > reverse-engineered and added to the DoS code.

      Except for: the activity the DoS'ers are trying to
      stop, itself.

      So, once resharing of partial file fragments is
      widespread, a relatively simple countermeasure
      against this particular "slot-depleting" attack
      would be to check those downloading from you, to
      ensure that they are in fact sharing the segments
      they've already received out to others. Perhaps
      do this through a proxy, so they don't know it's
      you checking.

      If they are, great, they're helping the network.
      If they aren't, start to contain the damage they're
      attempting: give them only a trickle of data, open
      another slot, bias your provisioning towards those
      peers who are verifiably resharing.

      Perhaps even keep referring third parties to the
      malicious node, so that they can independently
      discover their unhelpful status, and be generally
      known as a mischief-maker.

      - Gojomo

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