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6151Re: [decentralization] Saaf testimony

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  • brandon@blanu.net
    Oct 2, 2002
      > said "limited", I suppose there may be some way these parties could
      > implement a distributed system that would be much more difficult to keep
      > up with, by embedding malware in some otherwise widely distributed
      > application.

      I suggested on blanu.net that Curious Yellow would be good for this
      purpose, easily deploying an ever expanding and hard to trace network
      for DDoSing. However, as I learned at Cory Doctorow's recent EFF speech,
      while DoS attacks are okay, actually penetrating machines, such as to
      spread a worm, requires that the user signs a EULA first.

      In which case, as you suggest, the way to spread it is by bundling it as
      malware instead of having it aggresively spread via exploits.

      It's too bad for the RIAA that Kazaa is their enemy as Altnet is the
      closest thing to CY-malware yet, having already established a
      self-updating decentralized network where all users have implicitly
      agreed to a EULA allowing for arbitrary code to run on their machines.
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