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6148Re: [decentralization] Saaf testimony

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Oct 2, 2002
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      coderman wrote:
      > This type of DDoS is different, in that it is not relying on sheer traffic
      > to implement a DoS, but issuing a number of file requests to tie up available
      > download slots on peers sharing copyrighted content.
      > This is certainly technically feasable, and if they used a distributed network
      > themselves to implement the attacks it would be hard to defend against.

      Hm, ok, so servents stop using upload slots and instead let uploaders use
      all available bandwidth, just like standard web servers.

      > Attacking namespaces
      > and search domains is also annoying, like the false query hits and bogus
      > music / movie files...

      A couple things work against the bogus files:

      * survival of the fittest. bogus files tend to get deleted, so they
      aren't available for further upload. I guess the trick here is to
      introduce new bogus files at a rate that matches the rate of deletion.

      * bitzi and other metadata. Files with bitzi-type metadata are likely to
      be the real thing.

      The interesting part is in the back-and-forth. The crypto world puts
      cryptanalysts and cryptographers both on display, and cryptanalysts aren't
      generally held to be more evil than cryptographers. ...Makes me think
      about becoming a p2p attack hacker...

      - Lucas
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